Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat: Making School a Place of Hope!


Another week! Another chat!
This week we welcome a 'power-tweeter' to our spotlight. 
Vicki Davis wears many hats: 
Full time teacher. 
Bearer-of-the-torch for encouragement.  

One of the best things about moderating our weekly chat? 
Getting acquainted with these amazing guests! 

You'll want to go look at Vicki's blog: 
to reach further of her own insights. 

I am especially fond of this particular image from her Instagram feed. 

We are going to dedicate the chat to HOPE

In fact you can plan now for the questions 
and give some thought to your responses. 

*Please schedule in the minute(s) following the question. 
Also: make sure you do the time zone conversion if necessary.

I know that Twitter is not THE social network of choice for many teachers. 
I've had people look at me as though I just landed from another planet, 
when I start with my enthusiasm for the power of Twitter. 

We therefore have learned that some genuine incentive, 
have encouraged the reticent to join us, 
or at least tiptoe into the Twitter waters. 

Tonight's grand prize is from ESGI Software. 
One lucky winner will receive a year's license of the program that has the potential to change your teaching days and therefore teaching life! 

If by some chance you don't *WIN* the ESGI license, 
you are most welcome to use my affiliate code: B1215 
and save $40 from your first year's usage!
{I get a little cha-ching from your subscription and we both benefit!} 

What could be better than a program created for Early Educators, 
than one written and designed by a Kindergarten teacher? 

So tonight is all about HOPE!
Look around for your favorite 'teach/ed/hope' quote. 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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