Saturday, July 11, 2015

Praise Report: Opportunities and Gratitude.

Faith. Friends. Listening ear. Sounding board. Faith. Gratitude.

1. Sunday. This week, before we left Ohio, we were able to have dinner with friends that go back a l-o-n-g way. I'm so grateful to Amy for letting me pour out my heart in the parking lot as we walked and talked and walked some more. Yeah fitbit! {Second Sunday in a row for a parking lot catharsis/faith + theology hugfest.}

This year's annual rendez-vous? Unique circumstances for each of us. She: just fired/released/down-sized from her world-traveling, executive position of the last 18 years with a mortgage to pay. Me: mother/grandmothering through a custody battle over our WonderPeeps. Real life. Planet Earth. Didn't see it coming. Not an ounce of warning. Bang.

Faith-filled women. How do you respond in the face of the unexpected? When your day-to-day life is a tilt-o-whirl of the unknown.... how do you respond? I am so appreciative of Amy's grounded, faith-filled witness. We talked a lot about the role of evil/Satan in our midst. We talked about our response to challenge and even peril. We talked about keeping our hearts healthy for the battle. We held each other up. We made each other brave. We promised continued prayer for each other. I wish I had recorded her counsel. Then I could listen daily.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

2. Monday. We departed WonderPeep central before dawn and traveled safely on what was the most efficient 11 hour day of travel we've ever experienced between Point A and Point B. We arrived at Point B, our newly rented digs to see that our landlord had indeed done all that she'd promised!!! TY TY TY. To say that we are in a 'humble' setting would be accurate. Our living room/dorm-style kitchen is a total of 16 by 11', now supplied with two counter top burners, a microwave AND A FULL SIZE REFRIGERATOR! In that 176 square feet of space is also a pull out loveseat, Allen's lazyboy from our condo, a mini table with two retro red diner chairs (which I truly adore!) a mini TV, coffee table and crowning glory wetbar sink that is approximately 9" by 7" WITH RUNNING WATER! Those looking for housing in NYC can relate. Our key worked! The place is clean and dry and has new throw pillows!!! Same sunsets, art galleries, Zumba, cherries and blue skies. We have rented through the end of August and will have glorious memories of this season's festivities. OH HAPPY DAY!

3. Tuesday. We closed on our summer haven of the last ten years in under seven minutes. Three of those minutes were spent in greeting each other. With a deposit of one dollar in earnest money, no realtors or lawyers, we sold our Timber Ridge condo and the new owner presented us with a batch of cookies she baked in 'our' oven. No. Our home wasn't on the market. No. We hadn't even envisioned selling it. It was a #GodThing. The prayers of the faithful were answered directly in a manner that only heaven could devise. We rejoice in having our capitol dollars in our hands again. Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Allelujah! PRAISE YE THE LORD!

4. Wednesday. I was able to write a check for a thousand dollars and send it to the angel who had sent that amount to us at the beginning of this current saga. If you have read along here since the beginning, you will remember my asking for support via inviting me to speak at your early childhood event, purchasing my picture books yada yada..... never did I imagine that one of my Breast Cancer survivor sistahs would get out her checkbook and send me a thousand dollars. She did. Linda has had Stage 4 BC for SEVEN years now. She was given a few months to live: SEVEN YEARS AGO! God has other plans for her. She is a living marvel. From her wheelchair she dispenses laughter as a professional laughter yoga practitioner. She makes me laugh because it is good for my health. Just weeks ago her husband Pete's job of EIGHTEEN years was eliminated. Yes. Two dear friends. 18 years each. Jobs eliminated. The next chapter of their story will be truly harrowing, with health insurance at the top of the list of challenges. Will you add Pete and Linda to your prayers, please. She insisted that I keep her dollars, that they were a gift from Jesus. I assured her that Jesus was eager that she have her kindness in her own checkbook. What a gift she gave us. What an unexpected gift that we could RE-GIFT it to her!

5. Thursday. Out of the CLEAR BLUE I got a quick message from someone on FB asking if I was available to SKYPE at that moment. Why, yes. I am. Click. Click. Click. I'm talking brown eyes-to-brown-eyes, with a pair-of-peepers that are on the other side of the globe!!! She is a big fan of my work. {Who knew?} She has big plans. BIG. BIG. BIG plans. Some of those plans involve me and my songs, and my face in a BIG way!!! In this era of technology, it doesn't matter that she lives in India. How amazing would that be? {How many 'miracles' is one person granted?} Would you send your positive energy and prayers that amazing things result from this collaboration. AMAZING in a MAMMOTH manner! Time will tell.

6. Friday. Tech check for my upcoming Webinar for FrogStreet! Make your reservation now to save your spot for our FREE training, "Make Monday Matter." Here's the link to get registered.

I shared the news of our selling our place up here with a sweet supporter and here's the response that I received.  

AWE…..What a testimony!   I just want to say…..REALLY?????   How wonderful….and what blessings indeed!  I know in my darkest hours, when you see the least amount of light….God always sends a small flicker of hope and then we begin to feel his mighty hand at work.  I cannot imagine all that you are going through and have already endured, but I know your great big beautiful Heart, and I know God is taking care of You, Your Family, and those wonderful grandchildren.  Your letter made my heart and soul smile, since you’ve been in my prayers since we last visited.
Just keep sharing your spirit and God will Shine on You! J

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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