Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wobble Seats in Kinder: Mary's Report at Sharing Kindergarten

Wobble Seat: a ROCKING Stool distributed by Debbie Clement


I'm so excited to continue to share enthusiasm for the
as a result of our distributing them directly from KORE!

We take them on the road with us! 
They are seriously like magnets! 
Whenever there is a child walking past? 
They come galloping over, 
they make themselves at home and start their wobbling! 

That is what a 'tall-for-his-age' four year old 
looks like on the 14" KID SIZE Wobble Seat.

We started distributing these unique moving stools, 
right after I had the opportunity to take a test-drive for myself. 
We are willing to process purchase orders!!!

Let me show you a couple of amazing women!
That's moi, Deedee of Mrs. Wills Kindergarten and Mary of Sharing Kindergarten.

Now you don't have to take my word for it. 
My blogging friend Mary has written all about 
on her blog, 


Mary started with a set of 4 Kid-Size Gray Wobble Seats from us!
She liked them! She liked them!

I won't put any words into her mouth...... 
Read a few of her thoughts for yourself: 

Kinder-Teacher Praise for Wobble Seats from Mary at Sharing Kindergarten

So as any caring teacher does when she sees her students respond? 
Mary dug a little deeper! 

She actually purchased a DOZEN MORE Wobbles -- 
as her birthday present to herself from her hubby! 

Now that's a man with a big heart!
Now she can color code Wobble Seats to her tables! 

Mary knows that our family has faced some unforeseen financial challenges. 
She mentions in her article that she likes to purchase from 'real people' so that she can support 'real people' when possible. 

We are real and our pain is real. 
Your ordering through us at is a true blessing to our extended family. 

We are willing to process your purchase orders, too! 
I have also learned that we can be your vendor-of-choice, 
for a Donors Choose project. 
You need to have a total of 6 points to select us. 

You REALLY want to read the thoughts of a pediatric OT. 

Here's a couple of additional views. 

With all of this insight, I know you're going to want to take a look at the price specifics. 
Here's what our Wobble Seat website looks like: 

GO TO for all of the specifics! 
Pricing, sizes and contact info! 
Would you be kind enough to pin? 

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