Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Teacher Twitter Tuesday Debbie Clement on Creativity + Collaboration!

Debbie Clement as Twitter "TeacherFriends" Guest: Creativity, Collaboration & Giving Thanks!

TWITTER TUESDAY! Twitter Teacher CHAT! #TeacherFriends
TONIGHT I get to take the HOT SEAT! I'm THE #GuestEduCelebrity! 

Every Tuesday night since the end of June I have moderated our #TeacherFriends chatting and getting familiar with using Twitter from a teaching perspective. Well tonight the roles will be reversed and I will be in the spotlight and my sweet new friend IRL, Kim {Educator's Spin on It} will shift to moderator.... and she will ask the questions of MOI! 

Talking TWITTER at SocialBoom! Debbie Clement + Kim Vij

That's Kim and I earlier this month, together at an event called #Social Boom. It was truly a watershed weekend of learning from some of the best brains in the business world -- on using your social networking as a platform to share your work. I learned so much thanks to Kim Garst the fairy~godmother of this incredible weekend. 

SocialBoom WonderHostess, Kim Garst and the Star Struck Debbie Clement
THE Kim Garst + The STAR STRUCK Debbie Clement

By all means before you do anything else? Follow Kim Garst in every possible social network. Start with following Kim on Twitter! She has 300,000 followers there and is in the Forbes TOP list of people to follow. PLUS she's simply brilliant in addition to being kind and having the biggest heart EVER! 

My biggest #SocialBoom take-away? Using LinkedIN MORE! As in strategically. Yes. I built a profile over there but then I walked away. No more. Gonna use that network! Are you on LI? I'd LUV for us to connect!!! Jump over to my profile and let's get linked to one another! That's the starting point. 

As a result of all of our brainstorming at #SocialBoom I have opened up a new FB community entitled #TeacherFriends. I know. I know. I don't really 'get' FB and the whole fanpage thang! BUT. As with all things I am willing to learn. You've got to start somewhere, right? Hopefully this will help us 'continue' the conversations. 

TeacherFriends Opens new Facebook Community by the same name!

Tonight the chat will be focused on all things "CREATIVE" and conclude with Gratitude and expressions of Thanksgiving and kindness. I know as moderator, my first goal is to welcome folks into the chatting atmosphere. Hopefully I can live up to the high standards set by our earlier, incredible guests as well! 

It has been amazing to interact with our authors and celebrities. How often do you get to chat in real time with Steve Spangler, Dr. Jean or Deanna Jump? We've had two of those three already and Dr. Jean is on the horizon. She will take the hot-spot on Dec. 16th. Mark your calendar. 

For those of you that like to prepare ahead of time. 
These are the questions that will be asked in tonight's chat! 
It's like an 'open-book' test! 

9:06 Q1: What is your favorite way to incorporate music into your day? Why? What are the benefits?

9:16 Q2: How do you support and encourage creativity + originality within your day? Favorite projects?

9:26 Q3: How do you get your students to collaborate? Examples please. Share pics for extra credit.

9:36 Q4: How do you strengthen your OWN creativity? Resources? Books? Links? Pins? 

9:46 Q5: What is the relationship between gratitude and creativity? Are you involved in service projects to end the year?

Here's our INCREDIBLE calendar and the topics we will be addressing on the Tuesdays to come. 

Hope to see you there in real time tonight. 
Otherwise. Check back for the storify archive! 
Surf the hashtag: #TeacherFriends

Practice Chat starts at 8:30!
As always! There will be prizes! 

Some lucky winner will get a set of all three of my picture books! 

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