Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Teaching in the Digital Age" Tweet with the Author!

TONIGHT'S Tuesday Teacher Twitter PRACTICE Chat with Author Brian Puerling, 
"Teaching in the Digital Age."

Who knew that our practice chat would turn into a weekly gathering of like-minded, newbies to Twitter? What fun to introduce the reluctant to the entire universe in a hashtag! By popular demand our growing tribe has asked for a weekly format of interaction. 

That has upped the ante and we are now moving forward with a Mystery #GuestEduCelebrity that will be interviewed weekly. Did I mention that there are prizes? AND certificates!!! It is not a prerequisite to be in a photo with me, to be our guest, but it certainly helps! 

Meet Brian Puerling! Tonight's authority on technology in the classroom! We met just barely 10 days ago at ETSU where we were both on the agenda as presenters. There's a long amazing {God-wink} of a story about how his in-laws have a cottage two blocks from our summer haven, but that had nothing to do with his selection for tonight's participation. Behold Brian! 

Participation in our PRACTICE chat tonight, 7/29
 enters you into the random drawing, 
where one lucky TWEEP will 
a signed copy of Brian's book!
Why yes. Redleaf is his publisher! 
Why yes. 
We now realize that we have both been at the annual Redleaf author's breakfast!

Continue humming the "It's a Small World" soundtrack. 

Here's a screen shot of what my Twitter home page looks like. 
See up there in the top of the bar where it says: 
Search Twitter. 
It is gray. 
That is where you type: 

Hope that helps your entry into our chat. 
Just keep refreshing the search function, 
to see more tweets as they unfurl. 

Just so you know....... 
I have been in the PLANNING mode for our continued 
PRACTICE chatting into the future! 

Here's the outline for the next five segments in the series. 
Mark your calendars now! 

Just in case you missed last week with Greg Smedley, 
we have the brilliant +Kim Vij creating an encapsulated version of the chat. 
Here's last week..... so you can see all of the awesomeness that was shared. 

*** WARNING!!! It will take you an hour to read through the entire chat! 

The good news? 
You can 'follow' participants, RT their thoughts and go to the hot-links that were shared, directly from the storify version below. 

A couple of final thoughts from MOI regarding this week! 

Tonight I will be giving one lucky winner {chosen at random} my two digital files, especially appropriate for back-to-school. These files each contain two Mp3s of each of my two 'classic' songs, plus pdfs of the sign language to support their use. 

One of the questions we discussed in last week's chat was about room arrangement and furniture. 

I quickly tossed in the link to our 
Let me give you that link one more time! 

If you click the picture below, 
you'll go back to the blog article where I talk/share about them at length. 

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