Friday, February 28, 2014

"Dinosaur Romp" Active Song goes DIGITAL!

"Dinosaur Romp" by Debbie Clement goes DIGITAL!


YIPPEE!!! I have translated another of my original children's songs into DIGITAL format! In the zipped file you get an MP3 version of the song, a powerpoint format of the lyrics and some Pdf's for some fine motor dino fun. 

The song has a hard-driving beat. 
Think AC/DC goes to PreK.
Think T-REX on wailing guitar. 
You're going to need your air guitars for this one! 

Dinosaur Mural (Rock and Roll) for "Dinosaur Romp" by Debbie Clement

Let me demonstrate my AIR Guitar for you. 
That's how you really wail. 
Throw back your shoulder and it howl. 
That's a dinosaur hat on my head from the dollar store....
so be on the look-out! 

Rock and Roll Dinosaur Romp by Debbie Clement

Here's another Dinosaur hat variation. 
I remember finding this on a vacation trip in a novelty store. 
Be on the look out. 

"Dinosaur Romp" Active/Movement Brain Break Song by Debbie Clement

As I ALWAYS promise you: 
"If you put something on your head, you will have more eye contact from the kids!" 

The best way to go on a Dinosaur Romp is to think of playing "Follow the Leader." 
YOU get to be the leader -- unless you invite me! 

Here is a classroom of PreK's with their air guitars 
and following along as we stomp through the prehistoric swamp.

"Dinosaur Romp" Air Guitars Follow the Leader by Debbie Clement

"Dinosaur Romp" Air Guitars Follow the Leader by Debbie Clement

Dinosaurs make the PERFECT art project. 
They lend themselves to 'interpretation.' 

photo of: Child's Drawing of Dinosaur in Colorful Treatment Using Mixed Media

Dinosaur Murals via RainbowsWithinReach

Bulletin Board Dinosaurs ROAR

Dinosaur Handprint Painting in Preschool via RainbowsWithinReach

Take a look at an entire Bulletin Board full of handpainted and PERSONALIZED Dinosaurs in the Preschool setting. 

Dinosaur Paintings with Handprints in Preschool via RainbowsWithinReach

True Confessions................ 

The zipped file is not quite zipped up. 
We have safely arrived in sunny DENVER!!! 

Got back here to Clement central around 'our' east coast midnight. 

Still need to get this together, but the RockieWonders are monopolizing my heart. 

Maybe later today?
Or more likely..... tonight after they go to bed! 
Yes. That's the plan.
Zip and upload after they hit-the-hay! 

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