Saturday, April 6, 2013

Painted Happy Hand Prints for Spring

How cute is this idea? 
Painted handprints!
 Fine motor cutting skills.
Gluing practice. 
Clever, clever, CLEVER! 
Adapt the idea for ducklings, for chicks.

Bulletin Board for Spring: Little Peeps

I just added these little peeps to my earlier RoundUP of all things 'hand' oriented. These are of course very simple, but the earlier article also has some pretty sophisticated ideas. 
photo of: Handprint Poems, Rhymes and Art Projects (RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)
Rhymes + Poems + Bulletin Boards Featuring  HANDS

In real time I have been in Grand Rapids, MI for the last couple of days presenting workshops for the MI-AEYC. There are so many delights in traveling to conferences. Making new friends, developing old friendships, sharing your work, expanding your legacy. Meeting enthusiastic professionals eager to add new tools to their toolbox. The highlight for this year's event? 
Meeting Amy Ahola for the first time!!!!!!!! 

Who is this  Amy Ahola you ask? She is the brilliant wonder, to whom I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude. Amy blogs at "Child Central Station." Amy is one of our inaugural authors at our collaborative blog, "PreK+K Sharing." She writes on the 30th of the month and shares her BRILLIANCE and insight into open-ended Arts and science exploration and outdoor play and multi-age grouping and Developmentally Appropriate EVERYTHING!!!!!

Amy was chosen by MICROSOFT as one of the 365 Heros of Education!!!! Even MORE remarkable, is that Amy was the ONLY Early Childhood Educator in those 365 amazing individuals that were chosen and highlighted in the program. 

All of that is pretty incredible. But I am forever, personally grateful to Amy for introducing me to fellow bloggers in a cyber-support-group setting. I have learned sooooooo much from my fellow bloggers. Everything that I am doing here now is a result of the networking that Amy connected me to. It ALLLLLL started because of this initial  invitation from Amy. Isn't it amazing how we can each 'teach' others from our own perspective of insight and expertise? We are each a little further along in some particular portion of this journey. 

Yeah Amy!!! Yeah Michigan!!!! Yeah MI-AEYC!!!! Next weekend I'll be in INDY for their state conference!!! Who will I meet there? Who will I inspire? Who will inspire me? 

-- Debbie -- 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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