Friday, October 28, 2011

Kreative Kinder-Karing Klass

Every building that I get to visit wearing my author/illustrator hat, is always my favorite one, in real time.
Every classroom where I get to sing + share my original children's songs is the very best one -- while I'm there looking into those eyes. Yet every now and again I get to observe something truly unique. Something amazing. Something brimming with joy. Something incredible beyond the norm. Now that we live in a world of Pinterest, I can pin these places of pluck. I can pin this passport to pretend. I can preserve this place that proves powerful. I CAN PIN!! I can allow the bigger world to look over my shoulder and meet a professional who opens his wallet to put his $$ where his heart lives. Welcome to just such a place.

Look around at the details of this kindergarten classroom of Mr. Mussel. I know that I shouldn't have 'favorites' but I think you can see why I'd want to send my grandchildren to this classroom. It sings. Every corner has details befitting an educational foundation of brilliance. Here's the child sized author chair, pictured below, where the star of the day gets to be throned for sharing. (I understand that there was a kind benefactor to find funding for the chair pictured below, after Mr. M had already made the commitment to hire a professional artist to come adorn the walls of his domain -- all from his personal budget.)

While not knowing the exact source of this frog's thoughts, I learned that it was part of a handout that Mr. M received at a Dr. Jean workshop he attended at some point in time. There was no author quoted in the compilation of educational thoughts.... so we'll just guess that it's a very wise frog thinking that thought! ***You just knew he'd be a big fan of Dr. Jean -- didn't you? [Click here to see my thoughts on getting to hear Dr. Jean out in Vegas this past summer at the international "I Teach K" Conference held annually by Staff Development for Educators.]

This tidbit below is the motivational 'championship' inspiration that is painted above the child-sized bathroom that is within the classroom. As a big fan of all things "dream" I was especially drawn to this pithy thought. It does indeed take a team, a village -- all of us to get traction and make progress. Pop back in tomorrow to learn more about the having of dreams and the making of progress toward them!!! I have a little gift of my sleeve for all of my readers.

Here's a close-up of Mr. M's own canine cop captured to calm:

Can you name this famous school bus driver? She is ironically from a previous art-installation over at Vine Street Elementary school building, which was demolished to bring together the new building and combined staff of Clyde Elementary. It was a mammoth mural. Mr. M's parents had it photographed and then reproduced in a smaller 'portable' banner like product. In the process the bus was able to have it's school name digitally altered to reflect the changing times. So yes, originally it was painted onto the cinder block walls, but now it is leaning against the wall, up near the ceiling, above the built in cabinets.

Here's a peek into that amazing bathroom. Seriously it's art was such a smile-maker!
How do you respond when someone says, "You remind me of our bathroom?" 
Upon seeing the sunshine and growing garden details -- I'm honored!

What's a kindergarten-klass without a kissing hand?

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  1. What a Fabulous Classroom! Our school library had a reading tub too! It was my Mom's creation and I SO wish I could have taken it with me when our school closed! I just didn't have a place to store it! So sad!

    I wanted to pin a few of Mr. Mussel's pictures, but it says the pictures can't be seen! Bummer! Is it me or blogger doing that?

    I love seeing happy and bright classrooms from such talented Teachers!! I can't wait to "look over your shoulder" again, real soon!
    Hugs Ms Debbie!
    Laura :)

  2. Laura.... I know what you mean about hitting dead ends periodically, when pinning. I pinned most of the above images to my Kindergarten collaborative board. You can always go there & repin!!

    -- Debbie


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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