Friday, February 18, 2011

Tulip Purse Class

There are several things I adore about living in our SummerGlen homestead here in sunny Florida. Number one? The amount of sun on a daily basis. Number two? Aerobic Line Dancing: today after six weeks was my first sixty minute class where I knew ALL sixty minutes of what was going on!!!! It is such a thrill to move with a choreographed group. Borg. Group think. I LOVE the moving in step, the group's moving together, the oxygen-to-the-brain, the workout, the steps, the commeraderie, the laughter, the exercise, the heat, the FINALLY getting a dance number after weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of approximation -- getting closer and closer and closer. Today was the day of wowzer!!! The morning of nailing it. The crossing the finish line. The feeling slightly smug, as a new snowbird arrived for her first time and it appeared to her that I knew what I was doing. I DID IT!!!! I even did the entire "Life's a Dance" which is my personally, most complicated and fastest number so far. Wow was I thrilled!!!! A year ago I was riding the recliner and attempting to walk around the block. This year? Ninty minutes of aerobics! (Today I could only stay for the 60 minute class, as I needed to get along down the road for....................................)

Number three? Quilt club!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago a half dozen of us gathered up in the craft room under the superlative direction of Sue Farr. Her patience and diligence have taught me soooooooo much!!! This pattern is not for the faint-of-heart. It says it's a two hour project. This is the very definition of LOL!!! Let me just say that it's taken me 12 hours so far and I'm VERY near to the finish line. I just have some more decorative top-stitiching to complete and I can pat myself on the back. I had never made custom piping before (definitely a couple of steps above my junior high Home Ec pay-grade) and Sue has a method of attatching a magnatized closure snap that I can guarentee ya will be there until the turn of the next century!!!!

Earlier this week I found this PERFECT do-dah decoration at a thrift shop on an outing with my local scout, Edwina. I still must figure out how to affix this 'perfect' black & white polka dot earring on the top flap closure. We had a brain trust -- brain storm and I think I know how to proceed. Anyhow, all of what remains is purely cosmetic enhancement with the doo dah's extra smile giving me the extra mile. Tomorrow, on a new set of energy, I will complete the two hour purse in the needed 12.75 hours.

Those interior pockets are too amazing for words. One each for my cell phone, my wallet and my camera -- with a bonus extra pocket for good measure. OOOOOOOOoooooooooh, I can put my business card, polka dot card case in there!!! Mission accomplished!!!!!!

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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