Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Summer: New Daisies

In case you're 'new' to my blog, a word of warning: I've got the crazies-for-the-daisies. It started off innocently last summer. I've always had a liking for daisies. Last summer it bloomed into a full fledged addiction. I'd be riding my bike down a country lane and "have" to stop to get them captured. I'd be at one of the gazillion gardens surrounding the galleries and studios and I'd get lost in the daisies and forget to go into the shop. Last summer was the season of capturing our little white-petal friends from below.... against the blue skies.

I even made a movie this winter of dozens & dozens of my summer daisies from last year. It is currently housed at YouTube. My little daisy movie has had over 400 views. Well it's a whole new season of summer and there's a whole new crop just growing every where I look. One of my movie-critics (a child in Joni's childcare) pointed out that there were no creepie-crawlie-winged thingies in the first gazillion shots -- so I am attempting to include evidence of living life. Behold the bumble bee.

When you have three and a half minutes and need some quiet, contemplative daisies set to an oboe music instrumental -- provided by my youngest daughter Noelle, please go over to YouTube and get lost in a sea of plenty. It's the perfect vitamin for exhaling.

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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