WELCOME to my YouTube + Slideshare vault!!

My latest video is a work-of-heart! My TeacherTribute! 
While it is intended as an End-of-the-Year tribute, it is great to see it as you launch your new school year, too. "Begin with the end in mind." (Stephen Covey) 

If you go to this article, you will see my appreciation for the 60+ teachers that contributed a photo for the little iMovie to come together. 

There are a wide variety of videos here for you to enjoy. Some were filmed quite spontaneously on site with children, sometimes mid-way thru a song when someone grabbed a camera. Others were filmed during my workshop presentations with eager adult (and totally surprised) participants. These first two are SUPER special!

Zaner-Bloser presents Debbie Clement Singing + Dancing for Fine Motor Fun!

Let's kick this off with my two newest and professionally created videos filmed in conjunction with Zaner-Bloser for PreK+K Kiddos. They are both all about singing and dancing in preparation for Fine Motor Development. Why, yes! Two of our grandchildren (the twins) are featured in each of these two delightfully fun songs. Just click the picture above and it will take you to the ZB site where you can then click through for FREE to share the videos! 
I promise it will be worth it! Share them from your Smartboard tomorrow! 


This next footage was filmed from the second row in Las Vegas, during my 2013 OPENING KEYNOTE for "I Teach Kindergarten -- an international conference presented by Staff Development for Educators." Be sure you watch it to the VERY end! 

You see 5 of my favorite bloggers acting the parts of the pigs. Piggy #5 (@JonFines of the famous Monday night Twitter chat that uses the hashtag #Kinderchat) brings down the house with his amazing and impromptu mad, dance skills. ***I now have my song, "Piggy Rap" as an immediate download purchase at our Early Education Emporium. The zipped file has an Mp3 and PowerPoint slide show, created specifically for the Vegas grand finale!

Next up is my happy 8 minute video montage intended for professionals. This project was created for your introduction to me, to my approach, to my own particular focus and to some of my songs, books, and DVD. The theme for this video is a taste-test of my style for teacher workshop presentations. Included in this presentation is an outline and review of my formulaic "4 R's for Music Time." I hope that you will enjoy getting acquainted.

My "Keynote" Introduction!!! Contact me to speak at your event!!


Creating an Author-Illustrator School (or Library) Visit
Here's my first ever 'Slideshare' program. I have designed it to demonstrate the excellence-in-education that I have observed on my visits to schools and libraries. How do you orchestrate such excellence? Take a look and see what others have done. I am so excited to discuss what it would take to get me to your school for a reading festival filled with joy. 

Teacher Workshop: "Top to Bottom"

Look over my shoulder to see the excited teachers at ECSI (Early Childhood Summer Institute) as we march along together to my happy dittie, Zaner-Bloser piggy-back tune all about print directionality & where to start your letters. Kiddos love this one for the big ending that gets faster & faster!!


This next video was shot on Long Island, New York in Amityville to be specific. This was captured during my author visit to a building filled with 330 kindergarten students and was filmed by the dynamic principal when she picked up my camera by accident. We're just getting the morning concert underway in the gymnasium as the film begins to roll.

*****Please take special note of the amazing backdrop!!! I was overwhelmed and brought to tears when I walked into their gymnasium that rainy morning. This humongous community work of art was lovingly created under the guidance & direction of the school's art teacher. Each of those 330 students created an individual quilt square in response to the quilted art work in my first picture book, "You're Wonderful." Go to this blog post to see their quilt work up close and read more of my exciting visit!!

Author-Illustrator School Visit:

My Picture Book, "Red, White and Blue"

during my workshop
"Lyrics to Literacy: Read a Song & Sing a Book." 
As far as I know, this is the first YouTube footage
of my newest picture book,
The idea to film just popped into my head,
as I'd just received an email with a request for film.

My Picture Book: "You're Wonderful"

This was captured on my husband Allen's cell phone
in northern Ohio at the Lorain County Community College
While parents went to self-selected workshops, 
I sang with the children, under the guidance of numerous 
early childhood college students. 
Here we are at the end of the evening, performing for the parents.  


ZB Voices Song "Respected & Connected"
From the youngest, little tiny ones in the Goldie footage 
above to the other end of the spectrum with adult stars.
This footage was shot in Las Vegas
at Staff Development for Educator's
national  "I Teach Kindergarten" conference.
We are singing & dancing in the Zaner-Bloser booth
to a song I wrote for the ZB
early childhood 'Voices' literacy program.
We called ourselves the A, B, C Singers:
Alabama, Bahamas & Columbus.

My Song, "Glad I'm at School, Today!"
Imagine my amazement to find this next video
stashed away in da BIG YouTube vault.
You'll need to watch the first little snippet of a good morning sing-a-long,
to get to their singing of my song,
"Glad I'm at School Today."
Filmed across an entire program in Detroit,
you'll see children, parents, teachers, office staff --
all the people that it takes to run a quality program.

My Picture Book: "Red, White & Blue" 
Kindergarten Singers!!
This is an amazing video created under the direction of an AMAZING teacher. I have chronicled the evolution of this idea in a series of blog posts entitled: Carie's Kindergarten. Short version? Army trained, Iraq served, woman goes on to teach kindergarten!!! She falls in love with my song and its book, "Red, White and Blue" and directs the children's efforts to create a mammoth community 'flagesque' quilt to wind up the school year.



Head Start in Utah: "You're Wonderful"

I've just arrived in Utah, barely off the airplane when my brilliant hostess surprises me with a pop in to do 'some paperwork' -- only to be surprised to find the children assembled to serenade me! Mid-way thru their rendition I grabbed my camera.


Adult Literacy Program singing "You're Wonderful"

Here's the first footage that I know of -- where the adults, the parents are singing my song to their children. How amazing is this? The video was sent to me from the program director in California. We'd met at the NFLC National Family Literacy Conference in Louisville.

Author Conversation: "Red, White & Blue"

View the original quilts that become the illustrations for my picture book. See me affix the first gold stamp from the national INDIE Excellence Award to the front cover.


Polly, the "POLLYWOG" 

Here's a little snippet from my nationally award winning DVD, "Kweezletown" with my favorite science-song that teaches life cycle and metamorphosis. I now have this particular song as an individual product over at Teachers Pay Teachers. I made 5 quilt illustrations that are now in pdf format, for you to have visuals for each verse of the song. Can I hear you say, "met-a-mor-pho-sis"???? Now once more with enthusiasm! I've also created worksheets of fine motor work and individual fold-a-ble books for each student to read and color. 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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