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photo of: Three Picture Books by Debbie Clement of Rainbows Within Reach

"Red, White and Blue"
My Picture Book w CD Recording:
My newest book, is a traditional, 32 page picture book based on the song I wrote immediately after 9-11.
I've made all of the illustrations from fabric as small quilts. There are many patriotic images with graphic flags for each repetition of the words: red, white and blue in the song's lyrics. From the flag image we move on to the purple majestic mountains followed by geographically diverse western red-rock mountains. Then on to the family farm and small village followed by the big city and an image of the fire trucks at House 10 (the fire station across the street from the Twin Towers.) The book concludes with several celebrations: Thanksgiving, children singing and the grand finale of fireworks. The book is indeed a celebration of all things Americana.

The picture book contains a CD recording of the song, including both a sung version and an instrumental suitable for performance. The end matter of the book contains a chart of music notation with chords and a chart to support the sign language of the lyrics of the song. Here's a closer look at some of the interior pages. ****Remember, these are each actual quilts that I designed and made from fabric!!!!

BIG BIG BIG news!!! I have received national recognition for "Red, White and Blue." It has been awarded the INDIE Award of Excellence!! Whoooohoooo!! It was chosen the winner in the picture books for children with audio division. 2011.

Here's a video shot during a teacher workshop, as the participants learn the song & sign language together.

Carie-the-Kindergarten Teacher's Class Collaborative Quilt in Response to "Red, White and Blue" 

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 "Tall Giraffe"

My second picture book is an amazing  combination of artistry, both visual and aural with text that is actually a song of rhythm and rhyme. The text of the book is a dittie I wrote during a workshop at Concordia College in Chicago during an annual back-to-school conference at the invitation + challenge of a fellow presenter. The song is based on a call & response format which is a method of interaction for short term memory skills. The song continues to unfold in a cumulative style which fosters longer term memory and recall. The whole work is filled with rhyme; both internal phrases and end phrases delight the ear and reinforce phonological lessons with a smile.

As with all three of my picture books the end matter includes special resources certain to delight educators, librarians and parents. The CD insert has both a sung version and an instrumental -- suitable for performance. This book includes a music notation chart complete with chords as well as a sign language chart to support 'signing' the words of the song as it is read or sung. There is also a page of giraffe facts included at the book's conclusion certain to delight readers everywhere.
This book is 'illustrated' with original photographs of giraffes taken on location in Africa, snapped by my niece Kelly & her friends while there on a mission trip. My sister, Rebecca, (Kelly's mom) worked long & loving hours scanning African fabrics into her trusty MAC that I'd purchased at an international quilt show. We then digitally quilted the 'frames' surrounding the photographs to complete the illustrations. Rebecca acted and aced the role of Art Director -- making the book a complete family affair. I 'dress' as a giraffe during my concerts and school visits, to add yet another layer of nonsense + make-believe to the book's presentation.



 "You're Wonderful" will always have a special spot in my heart. It's my first-born.
It's an anthemn for self-esteem -- or 'contractions' -- depending on your perspective. This is the project that led to my evolution from 'music-lady' to that of author/illustrator. This book is my 'ode-to-empty-nesting'......its the project that I began just as both of my daughters left home for their own lives at the same moment...... in response to the many, many requests that I was receiving from teachers and librarians for support materials to use with the song. 

We were so compelled to bring this book to life, that after it was rejected by every publishing house where it was auditioned, we took out a loan against our house to publish the first run of books. Follow your dream. 



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There are 6 CDs in my immediate RainbowsWithinReach collection:

This is the "poster-version" of my quilted art-work for my song and book, "You're Wonderful". It is a standard poster size: 24 by 36" and is high gloss, suitable for framing.

KWEEZLETOWN is my hour long, nationally "DOVE Family Award" winning DVD-video. It featrures the 12 songs from my very first recording. It has me walking amidst that quilt image on the front cover, via the magic of green screen technology. I'm singing and dancing with simple animation bringing the songs to life. I add sign language to several of the songs, dance.

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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