Jan 15-16           KEYNOTE SCECA South Carolina Early Childhood Association

Nov 9&10            Author-Illustrator School Residency, Worthington, OH 
Nov 6                  WV Head Start Association, Morgantown WV
Nov 4                  Author-Illustrator School Visit, Beaver Creek, OH 
Oct 24                 KEYNOTE Partnership for Children, Shelby NC
Oct 16&17          KEYNOTE State Conference NJAEYC, Rutherford, NJ 
Oct 9                   KEYNOTE CCR Childcare Connection (Mercer Co) Princeton NJ
Sept 4                 KEYNOTE + Presentations US Army Base, Washington DC
Aug 12                Virginia Early Head Start KEYNOTE + seminar
July 30-1st         FROGSTREET Annual ECE SPLASH Conference, Dallas TX
July 23                "Making Monday Matter" FREE Webinar on 
May 22-23          OAEYC Sandusky OH TRIUMPHANT RETURN as National EXPERT!
May 18                Author-Illustrator School Visit: Westerville, OH 
May 7                  Author-Illustrator School Visit: St. Mary School, Mt. Clemens MI
May 5                  Author-Illustrator School Visit: Taylor MI
May 2                  KEYNOTE STEM Space Coast Head Start, Melbourne FL 

April 18               KEYNOTE + All Day Seminar NW FLAEYC, Pensacoloa, FL
April 10, 11         KEYNOTE + Workshops NAAEYC ECE Conference, Nashville
April 9                 Author-Illustrator School Visit: Nashville, TN

March 14            KEYNOTE  + Workshops Child Care Conference of SW Florida
March 11            Author-Illustrator School Visit: Melbourne, FL

Feb 25                Author-Illustrator SKYPE Visit CA 
Feb 16-20           Del Valle School District RESIDENCY TX, Training + School Visits

Jan. 16-18          PK1 Conference Santa Clara, CA Conference Mini-Keynote! 
Jan. 13               Author-Illustrator SKYPE Visit Missouri


Nov. 5-8              NAEYC: Dallas TX, booth #1119 Stay tuned for workshop info!
                            Nov. 6, 1:00, Room D222: "ABC, 123, Just for Me" w/Zaner-Bloser  

Oct. 24-25           FL AEYC Workshop & Exhibit, Orlando FL 
Oct. 17-18           NJ AEYC Workshops & Exhibit, Meadowlands, East Rutherford 
Oct. 11th             Broward County, FL Early Childhood Conference, Workshop

Sept. 29th           Author-Illustrator School Visit Blue Heron Elementary, Littleton CO 
Sept. 12-13         North Carolina AEYC, Raleigh Workshops & Exhibit
Sept. 10              Author-Illustrator School Visit, Seven Hills School, Cincinnati 

August 27           SKYPE ARTS MUSIC Training: Dallas Early Childhood 
August 19           Author-Illustrator School Visit, Kanuikapono Charter, HAWAII! 

July 19-20          KEYNOTE: Early Childhood Conference, ETSU Johnson, TN
July 11-12          NATIONAL KEYNOTE: NAFCC (National Assoc of Family Child Care) Orlando, FL 

April 25-26         UW STOUT ECE Conference: Workshops and booth
April 12              KEYNOTE + All Day Seminar, SW Minnesota Consortium         
April 5                KEYNOTE + Breakout sessions, Gainesville, FL Hilton  AEYC

March 21            DVAEYC Workshop and Booth, Philly PA
March 15            RMECC Rocky Mountain,  Workshop/booth Denver CO 
March 1              "A Day with Debbie" All Day Seminar, Littleton, CO

Feb. 22               ACIS: Featured Speaker, workshops/booth Chesapeake, VA 
Feb. 14               Author/Illustrator School visit , FL  
Feb. 8                 ACIS: Featured Speaker, workshops/booth Atlanta
Feb. 4                 Author/Illustrator School Visit, TX  
Feb. 3                 SDE "I Teach K + PreK" KEYNOTE and workshops San Marcos, Texas

Jan. 25               HCDE, Houston School District Conference for ECE
Jan. 24               Author/Illustrator School Visit, TX  
Jan. 16-18          SECA: Southern Early Childhood Association, Williamsburg
Jan. 4                 Family Festival, Head Start Association, Cocoa FL 

Dec. 23               Community Christmas Party @ Mother Goose, Woodbine GA
Dec. 16               Author/Illustrator School Visit: Scioto Darby Elem, Hilliard OH
Dec. 13               Author/Illustrator School Visit: Pataskala, OH 
Dec. 9                 SDE "I Teach K" Indy: KEYNOTE + Workshops
Dec. 3                 SDE "I Teach PreK" Atlanta: four workshops
Dec. 2                 SDE "I Teach K" Atlanta: KEYNOTE + Workshops
Nov. 20-23         NAEYC participation and booth #1213, Washington DC
                             WORKSHOP: Thurs. Nov 21st 8 - 9:30 a.m. 
Nov. 19               Author/Illustrator School Visit: Ramsey Elementary, VA 
Nov. 15               Author/Illustrator School Visit: Williams Elementary, FL 
Nov. 6-8             Three Day Residency: OH reading grant presentations, Cambridge
Nov. 4                 Author/Illustrator School Visit Evening St. Elem, Worthington, OH 

Oct. 18                 PACED KEYNOTE and seminar, Richmond VA
Oct. 14                 Author/Illustrator School Visit, Arts Magnet School, Columbia SC 
Oct. 11, 12           GA-AEYC Highlight Workshops + Booth, Atlanta, GA

Sept. 25, 26         FL-AEYC Banquet KEYNOTE + Booth, Orlando
Sept. 23               Author/Illustrator School Visit, Seven Hills School, Cinci
Sept. 21               Head Start Seminar, Cambridge OH (all day) 
Sept. 21st            Family Library Performance for public, Huron OH
Sept. 18               Family Library Performance for the public, Ephraim WI 
Sept. 13               Author/Illustrator School Visit, Gibraltar Elementary, WI 
Sept. 9                 Author/Illustrator School Visit, St. Pius X, Aurora, CO 
Sept. 6                 Author/Illustrator School Visit, Blue Heron, Littleton, CO 

Aug. 21st             Head Start All Day Seminar, Lafayette, IN  
July 18-20           Frog Street SPLASH Workshops + Booth, Dallas TX
July 15th     OPENING KEYNOTE for "I Teach K" in VEGAS, baby!

May 31           Author/illustrator school visit, Westerville, OH 
May 17, 24     Author/illustrator school visits, Hilliard, OH
May 10           Author/illustrator School Visit, Worthington OH

Apr 26, 27     WI Early Childhood Educators Conference Workshops + Booth, Stout, WI 
April 24         Author/Illustrator School Visit, Dixon IL
April 18         Week of the Young Child Concert, Urban Head Start Academy, Columbus
April 11,12    Indiana AEYC, Indianapolis Workshops + Presenter's Marketplace
April 4,5        MI-AEYC Grand Rapids, Workshops + Presenter's Marketplace
March           Author/Illustrator School Visit West Palm Beach, FL 
March 12th   Evening Seminar: Vero Beach 
Mar. 1+ 2      UMAP Child Care Ministres KEYNOTE Nashville, TN
Mar. 1           Author/illustrator School visit w Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Nashville  
Feb. 22 +23  FL UMAP State Conference Leesburg, Florida KEYNOTE
Jan. 26th       Houston Texas, Highlight Workshops Harris Dept of Educ. + Booth
Jan. 25          Author/Illustrator School Visit, Friendswood, TX 
Jan. 14          Author/Illustrator School Visit, Fort Myers FL 


Dec. 5th      National Head Start Conference KEYNOTE Dallas!!!!!

Dec. 14        Author in the School Visit, Hilliard, OH 

Nov. 29 +30 SDE Kindergarten Conference, Orlando FL (Booth)
Nov. 19th     Author/Illustrator School Visit, Texas 
Nov. 17        All Day Seminar with DEBBIE CLEMENT, McAllen TEXAS!!! 
Nov. 8-11     NAEYC Atlanta GA BOOTH #1910
                    Friday: "Moving is Learning" 3:00 Room B313 with Connie Dow
                    Friday: "Do it Again" 6:30 Omni Ballroom with Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld    
Nov. 3          All Day Seminar with DEBBIE CLEMENT, Montgomery TEXAS!!

Oct. 19+20  Arkansas AEYC KEYNOTE (workshop + booth too!) Hot Springs
Oct. 12+13  FL AEYC Conference, Orlando Workshop Presentation + booth
Oct. 7          Author/Illustrator School Visit: Seven Hills School, Cincinnati OH 
Oct. 4, NID   Lutheran Teachers Conference, Merrilville, IN Workshop presentation
Oct. 3          Author/Illustrator School Visit: Otter Creek Elementary, Elgin IL 

Aug 10th     Concordia College Early Childhood Conference, Chicago-land Workshops 
July 14th     "Jazz on Jefferson" Family Festival, Sturgeon Bay, WI 
July 3rd       "READ, White and BOOM!" Columbus: Children's Hospital Fundraiser

May 29th      Medina, OH "Reading ROCKS", Family Concert
May 2nd       Louisville. State of Kentucky Head Start Association KEYNOTE
April 14th      NW Arkansas KEYNOTE Early Childhood Conference

March           Springfield, IL IRA Conference Workshop presentations
March 1-3rd. LAS VEGAS!! NCCA: Highlight Author presentation
Feb 10-11th  Leesburgh FL Methodist Preschool Association

Jan 24-26th. Baton Rouge: State of Louisiana Dept of Ed. Workshops + booth
Jan. 23rd.     Author in the Schools visit, New Orleans, LA
Jan. 11th      Author in the Schools visit, southern FL
Jan. 9th        Author in the Schools visit southern FL

Dec 4-6th     Murfreesboro, TN: IRA Conference workshops + booth
Dec 1+2       Binghamton NY RIF series of concerts + staff development

Nov. 21-22   Orlando: ACSI: Workshop presentations + booth
Nov. 2-5th    ORLANDO: NAEYC. Workshop and Zaner-Bloser booth.

Oct 24-25.   Author in the Schools. Clyde Elementary. two day residency
Sat. Oct. 22.Dayton, OH. KEYNOTE and workshops (all day) Dayton area AEYC
Oct. 17-18.  Lima, OH. KEYNOTE and series of concerts.

Sept. 24th. Canton, OH. KEYNOTE for librarians + early childhood. AEYC + regional library.

August        Tennessee, KEYNOTES to open & close  for back-to-school AEYC.
August 9th  Concordia College, Chicago land. Workshop presentations.

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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