Sunday, May 31, 2009

Follow the Leader

We had so much fun together.
Our ZB sponsors soaked the workshop with door prizes.
We should have had a prize for the most enthusiastic teacher/participant, but that would have been a very difficult selection to make.
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Road to Handwriting

Let's get writing!! Three finger hold.
Sharing those fine motor success stories.
Thanks Zaner-Bloser for bringing us together.
Thanks to Amy Fouts for taking all the pictures!
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Mentor Mimi & ZB Buddies

Pictured here is my dear inspirational, globe trotting mentor, Mimi. She's given me so much encouragement and always has a new story to share with me. The second picture has us gathered together with my hosts for OAEYC this year, the Ohio team of sales reps from Zaner-Bloser. Kathleen Wright is in charge of the southern portion of the state and Joan handles the northern section. Thanks for the invite gals. I look forward to more projects together in the future. Our two booths were side-by-side..... so we really could keep each other company throughout the weekend.
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OAEYC @ My Booth!!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Day Conclusion

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K. PM: Part 2

Swing and sway: "Everybody, all together now, everybody..................... swing and sway." Which surprise is it going to be next.
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K. PM: Part 1

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Picasso's Women: 7th

Masters. Picasso. Seventh grade interpretations. Super.
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Fifth Grade Van Goghs

Seriously, these are amazing. Totally breath-taking. Amazing. Dramatic. Glorious. Fantastic. I'm not sure there are enough superlatives to completely describe my appreciation for these works of art. I do believe that they were created by the fifth graders of the building. Some are so very sophisticated, that I wondered if I was reading that correctly. Wow. Fifth grade. This has been a great month for seeing student artwork in elementaries.
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Hallway Art Gallery

One of my favorite things about visiting in elementary schools is to see the art on display by the older students. On my way out the door to grab a bite to eat, I had just enough time to 'capture' some of the truly outstanding artwork in the hallway -- close to the front office. These clowns were painted by the four graders. Do you just love the bright clownie-colors??
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Left to Right, Left to Right

We're getting warmed up by crossing the mid-line..... left to right, left to right. That's in the chorus of my ZB song about the directionality of print. Then there was some lion prowling. We had the big ending conclusion focus on my book "You're Wonderful." That last picture was taken by a mom volunteer in the classroom. Those are her two daughters. YES. They're twins. Born four minutes apart. You know how I like to meet twins, right?
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Morning K: Part 2

Here's our second class of K-Kids. Can you see how much we were having?? Pumping those muscles, get us all warmed up for the fun of the surprises packed in my surprise box. What comes next?
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